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UX IRL – Silent Treatment Birds

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If you open up the Angry Birds Seasons app when your phone is set to vibrate, then the game is also muted by default so no one can hear you playing a 6 year old game. Finally, an app that cares about my social awkwardness. Pro tip – Do not test this out for yourself, you’ll become addicted to Angry Birds once …

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Floating Elements with Flexbox

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The CSS float property allows you to tell an element where to align itself, in respect to the content around it. Using floats used to be the only way of developing responsive web pages. In fact, floats are still used by most major “grid” systems like Twitter’s hugely popular Bootstrap framework. The problem with floats is that they weren’t designed for overall site layout …

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2016 is the year when I finally (hope to) start writing again! I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time, but I had tried blogging a while back and never really got into it. What’s really been holding me back is a supreme amount of inertia and just not knowing what on Earth to write about. But lately I’ve …