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  • 2022 Goals

    2022 Goals

    Career & Finance Financial freedom by age 35 Personal Development & Learning Achieve a healthy work-life (leisure) balance Improve my self-mastery & equanimity Keep learning Experiences Go on adventures, try new things & explore new places Health & Fitness Master my own body Altruism Be altruistic with my time Meaningful Relationships Nurture meaningful relationships Feel…

  • 2021 Retrospective

    2021 Retrospective

    TL;DR 2021 in a nutshell This year I managed to progress in pretty much all the areas of my life that I care about. Of course, there is always room for improvement—I fell short of many goals after all. But so many fantastic, unexpected things happened that it’s difficult to see this year as anything…

  • 2021 Goals

    2021 Goals

    Just like my 2020 review, I’m publishing these goals waaay later than when I actually created them for myself and put them into effect. They are directionally the same as the ones I had last year so I’ll be skipping most of the explanations around why I’ve chosen these goals. I’ve added a couple of…