2022 Goals

Career & Finance

Financial freedom by age 35

  • Have a net worth of €500K by age 35
  • Be earning €500MRR from a side-business by the end of the year

Personal Development & Learning

Achieve a healthy work-life (leisure) balance

  • Have at least an hour of leisure activity 5 days per week
  • Socialise at least 3 days per week
  • Leave the house for a walk every day

Improve my self-mastery & equanimity

  • Track and reduce my habit of negativity (focusing on problems instead of solutions / starting with ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’)
  • Track and reduce my habit of arguing/suggesting actions instead of asking questions and listening
  • Track and reduce my habit of getting frustrated
  • Track and reduce my habit of criticism
  • Journal 5 days per week
  • Practice gratitude 5 days per week

Keep learning

  • Read at least 10 books
  • Process any book I read into my Book of Life


Go on adventures, try new things & explore new places

  • Cross 3 places off of my bucket list
  • Cross 3 activities off of my bucket list
  • Go on an epic long-distance hike
  • Work remotely from an exotic location for 1 month

Health & Fitness

Master my own body

  • Attain and maintain the ability to place my palms on the floor every month


Be altruistic with my time

  • Take part in 2 events that help society (people in need)
  • Take part in 2 events that help the environment

Meaningful Relationships

Nurture meaningful relationships

  • Keep the habits of date night + relationship retro
  • Call two friends every month
  • Visit Malta
  • Visit my dad in Germany
  • See my friends from Berlin
  • Grow my circle of close friends in Barcelona by 2 people

Feel at home in Spain

  • B2 in Spanish
  • Visit another region in Spain






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