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  • 2020 Retrospective

    2020 Retrospective

    I’m writing this retrospective retrospectively, since it’s now November 2021. Time flies when you’re in a global pandemic. Good thing I’m addicted to Notion and kept track of everything. This post is going to be a bit shorter than usual since it’s not that actionable anymore but I wanted to document the outcomes of my…

  • Covid-19 Chronicles

    Covid-19 Chronicles

    When I first started reading about Covid-19 and coronavirus in China towards the end of 2019, I wasn’t worried. I certainly never thought that my life would be affected by it. Never say never though. A couple of months later, I found myself lying in a hospital bed in Spain with a raging fever and…

  • 2020 Goals

    2020 Goals

    New year, new decade, new plans. This year is pretty ambitious, let’s take a look! ⚠️ I usually write about my approach to goal setting and tracking in addition to my actual goals. This time, I’ve decided to keep this post simple so I’m just writing about my actual goals. My approach to setting and…