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After having worked with Angular for well over a year, there was one area in which I still felt a little bit shaky – unit testing. I had enrolled in numerous online courses about Angular, but none of these “ultimate Angular” courses bothered to show you anything about how to actually test your app and keep it from breaking.

So it looked like I’d need to learn about testing in Angular the good old-fashioned way (in the times before Udemy) – scattered tutorials, docs and loads of trial and error. A few hours of keyword research later, I found that plenty of other people were in the same boat, they were all looking for an all-in-one guide to show them the process of unit testing in Angular from A to Z. And since I needed to learn how to do it anyway, I thought to myself – what better way to learn than to teach!

And so, after a couple of months researching, compiling, recording and editing…I finally launched my first online course on Udemy “Unit Testing AngularJS: Writing Bug Free Apps that Always Work“.

A comprehensive guide to unit testing your AngularJS app from the eyes of a former student. It covers all the basics from setting up your Angular app and test framework using Karma, implementing tests using Jasmine and analysing test coverage using Istanbul.

So if you’re interested, use this link to enrol  in the course with a nice discount, just as a bonus for reading till the end of this post.

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