2016: Year in Review

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2016- Year In Review

2016, what a year huh! Celebs kicking the bucket every other day, Brexit, Trump, the terror attacks in Europe and the whole situation in the Middle-East – these scenarios among many others make you wonder whether the world is moving forwards or backwards. My 2016 was FIRE. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve accomplished, what’s changed and what’s coming up … Read More

UX IRL – Groupon’s Generic Error Messages

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Tut tut tut Groupon, I expected better from you. I was trying to buy two coupons to go whale watching for my upcoming trip to New York when I was presented with this at the checkout screen… Something had gone wrong. Was my credit card maxed out? Where my details correct? Were they out of whales to be watched? I always … Read More


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2016 - Man looking at the ocean

2016 is the year when I finally (hope to) start writing again! I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time, but I had tried blogging a while back and never really got into it. What’s really been holding me back is a supreme amount of inertia and just not knowing what on Earth to write about. But lately I’ve … Read More