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Upload an Image using the MEAN Stack

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I’m currently working on a little “Travel Diary” side project to learn more about NodeJS, Javascript frameworks and Fullstack development in general. I’ve started off by using the traditional MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node), but will be switching out Angular in the future to explore other frontend frameworks. One of the requirements of this project is to include some sort …

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Unit Testing AngularJS Course Hits $1000 Milestone

In Entrepreneurship, Learning by Matthias0 Comments

I’ve hit my first major milestone for my Unit Testing AngularJS Course on Udemy. After 3 months – I’ve got 1,350 students, an average rating of 4.43 and made a profit of just over $1000! When I first thought about starting the course I planned it as more of a learning exercise to become better at teaching and at AngularJS. Creating the lectures actually took much longer than …