Why We Need SCRUM At Our Startup

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Why We Need SCRUM At Our Startup

I recently joined a startup after years of working in much larger and longer-established organisations. The first thing I noticed when comparing my new workplace to my previous jobs was the distinct lack of structure in almost every aspect of the daily goings-on. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, startups are known for their fast-paced, think on … Read More

2016: Year in Review

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2016- Year In Review

2016, what a year huh! Celebs kicking the bucket every other day, Brexit, Trump, the terror attacks in Europe and the whole situation in the Middle-East – these scenarios among many others make you wonder whether the world is moving forwards or backwards. My 2016 was FIRE. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve accomplished, what’s changed and what’s coming up … Read More

Cache Busting Resources In Any Language Using Gulp

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Cache Busting Resources In Any Language Using Gulp

One way to improve performance and instantly speed up the load times of your site is to start caching resources. If your server is sending the correct headers, then the browser will automatically cache (save) certain resources so that the next time the user visits your site, the resources are already present and do not need to be re-downloaded. But what … Read More

Using Multiple Directories To Serve Static Resources In Node and Express

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Using Multiple Directories To Serve Static Resources In Node and Express

On my quest to teach myself Node, Express and various other JS frameworks, I recently built an API serving multiple frontends in one big application. It’s presentend in the same way as TodoMVC where there is a dashboard page with links to other pages, each containing the same app implemented using a different technology. When I first got started with this project my … Read More

Upload an Image using the MEAN Stack

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Upload an Image using the Mean Stack Featured Image

I’m currently working on a little “Travel Diary” side project to learn more about NodeJS, Javascript frameworks and Fullstack development in general. I’ve started off by using the traditional MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node), but will be switching out Angular in the future to explore other frontend frameworks. One of the requirements of this project is to include some sort … Read More

UX IRL – Groupon’s Generic Error Messages

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Tut tut tut Groupon, I expected better from you. I was trying to buy two coupons to go whale watching for my upcoming trip to New York when I was presented with this at the checkout screen… Something had gone wrong. Was my credit card maxed out? Where my details correct? Were they out of whales to be watched? I always … Read More

Unit Testing AngularJS Course Hits $1000 Milestone

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Borat Great Success

I’ve hit my first major milestone for my Unit Testing AngularJS Course on Udemy. After 3 months – I’ve got 1,350 students, an average rating of 4.43 and made a profit of just over $1000! When I first thought about starting the course I planned it as more of a learning exercise to become better at teaching and at AngularJS. Creating the lectures actually took much longer than … Read More

UX IRL – Silent Treatment Birds

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UX IRL- Silent Treatment Birds Featured Image

If you open up the Angry Birds Seasons app when your phone is set to vibrate, then the game is also muted by default so no one can hear you playing a 6 year old game. Finally, an app that cares about my social awkwardness. Pro tip – Do not test this out for yourself, you’ll become addicted to Angry Birds once … Read More

Floating Elements with Flexbox

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Floating elements with Flexbox

The CSS float property allows you to tell an element where to align itself, in respect to the content around it. Using floats used to be the only way of developing responsive web pages. In fact, floats are still used by most major “grid” systems like Twitter’s hugely popular Bootstrap framework. The problem with floats is that they weren’t designed for overall site layout … Read More

What I Learned About Product Management From Steve Jobs

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Wow. I just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs and am utterly blown away. Steve Jobs founded Apple, made it great, got kicked out, came back and made it the best. He helped turn Pixar into the animation powerhouse it is today. He revolutionized the music industry and he pretty much launched the smart phone and tablet industries. I … Read More